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See our volunteer opportunities below. 

We will be posting jobs here - Watch this space or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on opportunities

Invest in a more inclusive future for Oxford

Is your company looking to support a local initiative that will bring the community together and remove barriers for those with extra needs? 

We are looking for potential investors and/or available spaces to launch our concept from.

If you can help please get in touch! Fill in our contact form

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Volunteer with us

We are looking for volunteers to help build our community. Contact us at if you are interested in any of the opportunities below.

Kitchen Chef and Caterer

  • We are looking for someone creative to help us develop our recipes for the kitchen and help our kitchen get off the ground either as a mobile unit or for one-off event catering

  • This is your chance to make a mark by serving healthier options for children that are still nutritious and delicious.

Play Volunteers

We are looking for play volunteers who will support supervision of activities and play with children who visit the Café. This role is essential to allow parents and carers much-deserved respite and opportunities to meet other parents.

Play volunteers will have experience of caring for children with or without alternative abilities. Students are welcome.

Training opportunities available.

Children Playing in Park

Write for our blog

Did you know that stories help people navigate their own world? Every story is unique, but we each learn and share common feelings that can sometimes be taboo to talk about - this leaves us feeling isolated and alone. An honest blog that speaks of your experience is a voice of comfort and learning for others. Share your story with them.

Write for our blog - tell us about what it's been like to be a parent, a change in your life or something you have overcome or are learning to overcome.

Not sure? Get in touch and we'd be happy to talk about it with you and help find the best way to share your experiences 

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