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Our Story

Our Mission

Cafélias is the inclusive, accessible space that reduces barriers for carers and people with extra needs. We design our space so that needs are not 'extra' but just the standard, enabling everyone to access nutritious food and fun activities, and bring community together. What's more, we want it to be available when you need it most, not on someone else's schedule. 

Our reason for being

Cafélias (Pron. Caf-eh-lee-ahs) was created in honour of our son, Elias, who died in 2021. He had a genetic condition, Williams-Beuren Syndrome, which affected his heart. He has an identical twin brother (age 2) who survives and now grows with his own alternative abilities and new strengths. They also have an older sibling who is aged 4.  

My name is Naz and I have been working as a NHS doctor for ten years. I am training in a specialism for older people, where I see many people with dementia, Parkinson's Disease, strokes and multiple conditions of older age. The needs of older people, although different, require similar solutions as those that support young people with disabilities. Cafélias will address the gaps in provision I have seen my patients and children face when going about our daily lives.  We want to create a truly effective and inclusive space that meets the need and improves the quality of lives of countless people in our Oxfordshire community.

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